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This book is a desktop quick reference for Java programmers who are writing enterprise applications. The first part of the book provides a fast-paced introduction to the key Java Enterprise APIs: JDBC™, RMI, Java IDL (CORBA), servlets, JNDI, and Enterprise JavaBeans™. These chapters are followed by a quick-reference section that succinctly details every class of those APIs, as well as a few other Enterprise APIs.

This book complements the best-selling Java in a Nutshell and the forthcoming Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell. Java in a Nutshell introduces the Java programming language itself and provides an API quick reference for the core packages and classes of the Java platform, while Java Foundation in a Nutshell offers a fast-paced tutorial on the Java APIs that comprise the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and provides corresponding quick-reference material.

0.1. Contents of This Book

This book is divided into three parts:

Part 1, "Introducing the Java Enterprise APIs"

The chapters in this part introduce the key Enterprise APIs and provide enough information so that you can start using them right away.

Part 2, "Enterprise Reference"

This part contains two reference chapters that help you work with technologies key to the Enterprise APIs: SQL and IDL. It also contains chapters that cover the tools provided with Sun's Java Development Kit for RMI and Java IDL.

Part 3, "API Quick Reference"

This part is a quick reference for the Java Enterprise APIs; it forms the bulk of the book. Please be sure to read the How To Use This Quick Reference section, which appears at the beginning of this part. It explains how to get the most out of this book.

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