by Nathan Patwardhan, Ellen Siever and Stephen Spainhour
ISBN 0-596-00241-6
Second Edition, published June 2002.
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Table of Contents

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Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Introduction to Perl
Chapter 2: Installing Perl

Part II: Language Basics
Chapter 3: The Perl Executable
Chapter 4: The Perl Language
Chapter 5: Function Reference
Chapter 6: Debugging

Part III: Modules
Chapter 7: Packages, Modules, and Objects
Chapter 8: Standard Modules

Part IV: CGI
Chapter 9: CGI Overview
Chapter 10: The Module
Chapter 11: Web Server Programming with mod_perl

Part V: Databases
Chapter 12: Databases and Perl

Part VI: XML and SOAP
Chapter 13: XML and Perl
Chapter 14: SOAP

Part VII: Network Programming
Chapter 15: Sockets
Chapter 16: Email Connectivity
Chapter 17: Usenet News
Chapter 18: FTP
Chapter 19: Lightweight Directory Access with Net::LDAP

Chapter 20: The LWP Library

Part IX: Perl/Tk
Chapter 21: Perl/Tk

Part X: Win32
Chapter 22: Win32 Modules and Extensions
Chapter 23: OLE Automation
Chapter 24: ODBC Extension for Win32


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