by Jennifer Niederst
ISBN 0-596-00196-7
Second edition, published September 2001.
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Table of Contents

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Part 1: The Web Environment

Chapter 1: Designing for a Variety of Browsers
Chapter 2: Designing for a Variety of Displays
Chapter 3: Web Design Principles for Print Designers
Chapter 4: A Beginner's Guide to the Server
Chapter 5: Printing from the Web
Chapter 6: Accessibility
Chapter 7: Internationalization

Part 2: Authoring

Chapter 8: HTML Overview
Chapter 9: Structural HTML Tags
Chapter 10: Formatting Text
Chapter 11: Creating Links
Chapter 12: Adding Images and Other Page Elements
Chapter 13: Tables
Chapter 14: Frames
Chapter 15: Forms
Chapter 16: Specifying Color in HTML
Chapter 17: Cascading Style Sheets
Chapter 18: Server Side Includes

Part 3: Graphics

Chapter 19: GIF Format
Chapter 20: JPEG Format
Chapter 21: PNG Format
Chapter 22: Designing Graphics with the Web Palette
Chapter 23: Animated GIFs

Part 4: Multimedia and Interactivity

Chapter 24: Audio on the Web
Chapter 25: Video on the Web
Chapter 26: Flash and Shockwave
Chapter 27: Introduction to SMIL

Part 5: Advanced Technologies

Chapter 28: Introduction to JavaScript
Chapter 29: Introduction to DHTML
Chapter 30: Introduction to XML
Chapter 31: XHTML
Chapter 32: WAP and WML

Part 6: Appendixes

Appendix A: HTML Elements
Appendix B: List of Attributes
Appendix C: Deprecated Tags
Appendix D: Proprietary Tags
Appendix E: CSS Support Chart
Appendix F: Character Entities

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